Importance of a Real Estate Agent When Buying New Construction

Importance of a Real Estate Agent When Buying New Construction

More and more, Team Bjorkman has had clients asking to see new construction. More importantly, importantly we are hearing from clients after they have gone to new construction, purchased without representation and then they realize that there are things happening that they are not quite sure how to handle.

Sales agents that are sitting at the builders lot are expected to do or say the things they need to to sell a lot. Your real estate agent is meant to be there to help you in several different ways. First, we have relationships with the sales people and that gives us information on lots that are not yet on the market. Real estate agents also have the advantage of knowing when things fall out of escrow. And then there is the matter of upgrades. Upgrades can be negotiated into your contract. It is possible to get things like getting a credit for the closing costs and getting a $20,000 – $30,000 credit to put in things like landscaping. The sales agents might not always tell you that these things are possible, but that’s where the experience of a real estate agents comes in. Agents also have the ability to get you that lot you really want when the sales agents will normally say they don’t know when the next phase will open. When it comes time for your walk through, your agent will help you place those stickers around the home and make sure everything gets fixed.

The biggest question we get from clients, when it comes to new construction, is how do you (the agent) get paid? The builders have a fund set aside in a commission account specifically for real estate agents. The builders know they need licensed real estate agents. This means you get the benefit and knowledge from a real estate agent, and the builder pays for it.

Another important benefit of having an agent represent you is access to a home inspector. Most people are under the misconception that because it is new construction that there won’t be any construction issues.

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Importance of a Real Estate Agent When Buying New Construction

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